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Weedex Lawn Care and Lunarbot Studio have worked together for years now but we were extremely excited when Weedex approached us to not only redesign their website but to also begin managing their SEO and social media profiles.

The top priority was to create a better overall user experience. This included making content more easily accessible, mobile friendly, and enhance SEO performance.

At the time of development, we were fully aware that Google's Mobilegedon was looming. However, we wanted to be sure we were still building a positive exerpience for the user. We focused on how content could be better arranged and presented so we started by listing the services on the front page. We also wanted to create a means of helping the user find out if Weedex sevices their area so we built a custom search tool that allows the user to enter in their zip code and will display the cities related to those zips. Lunarbot Studio is actively working on creating unique pages for each of those cities to help with SEO and usability.

Weedex also wanted an outlet to provide fresh content to users. A "Lawn Care Tips" blog was added to the website in which Lunarbot Studio will assist in writing new tips and articles to feature here.

The new Weedex Lawn Care website was built out as a custom Wordpress theme allowing Weedex and Lunarbot Studio to easily manage the content of the website.

Weedex Lawn Care Desktop Experience
Weedex Lawn Care Mobile Experience
Weedex Lawn Care home Weedex Lawn Care service page Weedex Lawn Care service area locator

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