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officeinsight, a weekly subscription newsletter that focuses on office furniture design and office design, approached Lunarbot Studio to refresh their website. officeinsight has been around for years and has built a large subscription base during that time. While the media of choice has been to deliver content via PDF to their subscribers, there was a need to improve the website so that content could access easily and at any time. It was also required that a subscription manager be created so that the user or the officeinsight staff could go in and manage their accounts at any time.

We first designed an experience that was consistent with the print or PDF version of the newsletter. It was important that there wasn't a huge disconnect between the two espcially since revenue is primarly driven by the PDF edition. On the other hand, it was important to design an experience that was fresh and user friendly. The website was design with a responsive layout, allowing content to adapt to the user's display size. We then implemented the design into Wordpress by creating a new theme from scratch so that content could easily be managed.

We then created subscription manager so that customers could easily subscribe to the newsletter as well as manage their account. This also allows officeinsight to manage subscriptions via the dashboard including creating new subscribers and renewing existing subscribers.

A email notification system was also built allowing officeinsight to send out custom email notifications to their subscribers when a new issue is available for viewing.

officeinsight Desktop Experience
officeinsight Mobile Experience
officeinsight article farm officeinsight article view officeinsight subscribe

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