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Ed Mehlman & Associates is a full-service recovery auditing firm that serves large enterprises including retailers, manufacturing, healthcare, government, among other professional entities.

Before we kicked-off the project we met with EMA to learn more about their requirements and goals for the new website. We assisted in devising a strategy to ensure the new website would meet those goals. What we got from them was a well thought-out content strategy that helped expedite the creative process. We were able to effectively design around the message that EMA wanted to communicate to their customers and carry it throughout the website.

Though it was only a few years old, EMA's previous website looked dated. It lacked a visual hierarchy and focal point so the user was overwhelmed with multiple elements competing for their attention.

The solution was simple: create an attractive user experience with a clear content hierarchy; make it easy for the user to find relevant information and build confidence that EMA provides a valuable service.

We researched the industry and found that a lot of businesses tended to copy each other, recycling the same content and even the same visual queues. It became apparent that the overall presentation must be as unique and engaging as possible. Because an abundance of information is available on their website, we also wanted to create an ambiance that would help make reading and digesting the content more pleasant with little distractions.

The website needed to be responsive as well, accommodating the more popular mobile and tablet devices on the market. We focused on this particular feature due to the vast amount of content that would be available ensuring that it was easy to read on mobile devices.

The website was built in HTML5 using the Twitter Bootstrap framework and coded so EMA could manage the site themselves using the web composer of their choice.

We are excited with final result and encourage you to browse on over to EMA's website and take it for a drive.

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