Cole's Backyard Grill

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Lunarbot Studio was hired by HomeStyle Dining to create a new website for their prototype resteraunt, Cole's Backyard Grill

Some of the objectives set for the new website were to make it fun yet easy to use. It was important that the website had visual appeal. After seeing still photographs of the restuarant's interior we felt it would be perfect if the website resembled the restaurant. It would create a sense of familiarity when the user visited the website and then visited the restaurant.

The website also needed to be accessible and easy to use. A single page layout was designed with individual sections reflecting various characteristics of the restaurant, what it had to offer, and it's location. However, a descreet page was created for the food menu. The site was also designed with a responsive layout so that it was as easily accessible on a mobile device as it is on the desktop experience.

The Cole's website was then implemented into Wordpress so content could easily be managed by HomeStyle Dining. The website overall was designined to be flexible enough so that it could be expanded from a single page layout to multi-page website.

Cole's Backyard Grill Desktop Experience
Cole's Backyard Grill Mobile Experience
Cole's Backyard Grill Menu Cole's Backyard Grill Menu Mobile

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